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Practical information and references designed to spare English speakers time,
money and frustration while visiting Aix-en-Provence.
Useful numbers and adresses in case of emergency…
- Consulates
- Hospital
- Police
- Taxi
- Transport
- Energy
- Lost credit cards
How to get there
Hints and tips how to get to Aix-en-Provence from…
- by air
- by train
- by bus
- by car  
How and where to go
Helpful guide to your moving around Aix-en-Provence and its surroundings.
- on foot
- by car
- by bicycle
- by rail
- by air
- by bus
- Parks
- Tours
Where to say
Listing, prices, quality range, good adresses…
- Hotels
- Residential hotels
- Country guest houses
- Bed & Breakfast
- Less than a 100 francs
Eating and drinking  
Eating & drinking
Where to eat
Listing, prices, quality range, good adresses…
- Restaurants
- Cafeterias
- Creperies
- Pizzerias
- Patisseries
- Snacks
What to eat
Famous around the world, provencal cuisine, its ingrediants and its receipes.
- aïoli
- olive oil
- specialities   
What to sit and sip
Discover a local past time :
- cafes
- salons de thes
What to sip
Famous for its water and wine, less knowned for its refreshing apéritifs.
- water
- soft drinks
- wine
- cocktails
Daily living  
Daily living
- Marchés (Markets)
- Fairs
Leisure & activities in town :
Cinema complexes, museums visit, a stroll on the cours Mirabeau & sports…
- Cinema
- Museums
- Night life (clubs, pubs…)
- Sports
To change and spend it :
Money, where and how to change it…
- Where to change it
- Where to spend it
- Presents
Usefull information, for a compfortables stay in Aix-en-Provence.
- Communications
- Health
- Laundry
- Hairdresser
- Hardware
- Stationery
- French habits
- Weather and dress
- Catholic
- Protestant
- Jewish
- Mormon


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