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Apéritifs, spirits and wine
Apéritifs, spirits, water… and wines

The apéritif


Ricard, Pernod, Casanis, 51, Berger etc… on the rocks and diluted with cold water.


As above + sirop de menthe (mint cordial)


As above + sirop de grenadine (grenadine cordial)


As above + sirop d'orgeat (barley sugar syrop)


Martini Rossi, Cinzano Blanc or Rouge... + ice cube glaçon >glassohn< and lemon un zeste de citron >uhn zest duh seetrohn< .

Draught Beer

une pression > yn pressiohn < less gulped (and brewed) than in the north, but available. Belgian "Leffe" highly recommended.

Bottled Beer

French and imported, a wide choice in brasseries and supermarkets

Soft drinks

Large bottles of coca cola "un coca","pepsi", "orangina", "Schweppes orange"… etc cost less than 2 € in supermarkets, 2,50 € per glass in cafés.

Orange / Citron pressée

Squeezed orange / lemon, with sugar and water 3,50 to 5 €.


un café >ahn caffeh< coffee is probably the most popular consommation in café or on its terrace; un petit noir >ahn puhtee nwahr< or une noisette >nwazet< or un expresso with a little steamed milk costs from 1 to 1,50 €, depending on location; (more expensive on the terrace than off it). At Flunch or in a cafeteria un petit café costs about 1 € and café au lait 2 to 3 €.


Still a sore point for "Brits". A tea bag and hot water, milk (make sure it is served cold !) du lait froid >dy leh frhwa< cost you 2,50 € +, no cakes, biscuits, or cookies to nibble! Taken in a salon de thé >salohn duh teh< or Pâtisserie you may indulge for 6 €, and nurse a lingering feeling of guilt, and a pang of regret.


Tap water

Table water  eau plate >oh plat< Volvic / Evian / Vittel etc…
Château la Pompe : pure Canal de Provence water (Irrigated water from the Alps). (Château de la Pompe) is "potable". Fizzy water  eau gazeuse >oh gazuhze< Badoit / Perrier / Quézac / Vichy (brand names) etc…

Fountains, warning not to be drunk !



A selection of vineyards in Provence :

du Luberon
de Palette
de Provence
Cassis Bandol
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