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Communications : post office, mail, telephone from France

Communications : post-office, mail, telephone

Faxes may be sent from most hotels.

Stamps may be bought, preferably with postcards, at tobacconist’s, bars, and newsstands. There are two post offices, la poste >la poste< in town and one in each of the outlying suburbs. Aix’s main post office is located on the Avenue des Belges near the Place de la Rotonde, and its "old" post office on the Place de la Mairie. Stamps for mail under 20g. addressed anywhere in Europe (including France) cost 0,56 €.
Airmail to North America : 0,90 €. Ten prestamped envelopes for overseas may be bought for a bargain!

N.B. : Attractive collectors’ stamps timbres de collection >tahmbruh duh kollexiohn< are available at all post offices. Specimens are on display.

Registered mail recommandé >ruhkomahndeh< with receipt from addressee, costs 5,55 € for 20g.

All tarifs on the web site of french post-office :

Minitel, France’s pre-internet electronic information service is available in post offices free of charge and through the "orange" portal :

Telephone : many hotels are equipped with telephones in all rooms. Failing this, there is usually a public phone in the lobby. Some coin phones are still in use, though almost all public phones now require a telecard télécarte >tellehkahrt< These cost 9 € for 50 units, and 15 € for 120 units and may be purchased from newsstands kiosque à journaux, bars/tabacs, >keeosks ah joornohs, bahr tabah< and post offices.

To use a public telephone with a telecard :

To call follow instructions (the LED screen will read)


= (pick up receiver).


(insert your telecard)
The screen will then inform you how many "units" remain to your credit.


A beep reminds you to recover your card before leaving the booth cabine  >kabeen<.

France is divided into five zones, dial :
01 for Paris region + 6 digits
02 north western France + 6 digits
03 north eastern France + 6 digits
04 south eastern France and Corsica + 6 digits
05 south western France + 6 digits
ex : 01 35 36 35 36

To call outside France, dial : 00 + counrtry code + number
ex : 00 34 333 333 333

To call France from abroad, dial : international access + counrtry code + number (omit the "0" that succeeds the country code)
ex : 011 33 442 333 333



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