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Aix-en-Provence restaurants

Eating can be a challenge, an adventure, a delight, or a nightmare if you are squeamish.
Aix-en-Provence counts over 400 restaurants, our selection is listed according to speciality and our appreciation.
Many restaurants in and around Aix provide English translations of the menu and "carte". Ingredients, preparation, and taste are, in general, highly recommendable. In addition to its refinement, provençal cooking is notoriously balanced and wholesome. The cuisine du "Midi" >meedee< (south of France), is composed largely of locally grown produce, and reflects the daily and seasonal market.



Dotted throughout town, frequently in pizza vans on the outskirts.
Special mention for the pizza-van on the corner of the boulevard de la République and cours 12 des Minimes ! (open evenings from 7 pm) Otherwise, the choice is wide and the quality good.

Slices of pizza cost 1,50 € +
A complete pizza : 7,50 € +
and a large size : 10 € +

Crêpes - quiches - tartes


List of crêperies

Cafeterias and self-services


Snacks and sandwiches


Consumed sur le pouce >syrh luh poos< = standing !
boulangeries in the old town: rues d'Italie, Espariat, Mignet, Jacques de la Roque, etc…

Specialities :
pain bagna = mixed salad sandwiched between buns 2,60 €
portion de pizza = slice of pizza : 1,50 €
sandwich au jambon = ham sandwich, usually in fresh crusty baguette 2,60 €
au fromage / au saucisson etc. = cheese / salami 2,60 to 3,50 €
Inexpensive snacks and sandwiches may also be bought at stands and small shops. viz. Big Potatoe, rue Gaston de Saporta etc.

Pâtisseries - bakeries


Expensive and sinful. Big-name-big-price ultimate chic… on the Cours Mirabeau, rue Thiers, and the rue Chabrier.
You may try "take-out-and-sin-for-less" at the boulangeries-pâtisseries… and not know the difference ; or will you ?

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