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Eating, what and where to eat

Eating can be a challenge, an adventure, a delight,
and even a problem for the squeamish.

Ingredients, preparation, and taste are, in general, highly recommendable. In addition to its refinement, provençal cooking is notoriously balanced and wholesome. The cuisine du "Midi" >meedee< (south of France), is composed largely of locally grown produce, and reflects the daily and seasonal market.

Olive oil

The olives produced for Aix-en-Provence olive oil must be harvested and processed within the geographical area listed below.

Listing of mills in the region >>>

Aïoli (winter)

Garlic mayonnaise served with steamed vegetables and cod. If you don’t like garlic mayonnaise, try it on your table companion, practise freeloadfng and get hooked. More…


Celebrated fish mix including rascasse , olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, onions, and soup. More…


Fish super soup (angler) with the refinements of bouillabaisse, a gastronomer’s dream - creamy garlic soup... aïl again ! More…


Soupe au pistou

A meal in itself... vegetable soup amply seasoned with Provençal herbs and spices... a bean feast for vegetarians.

Soupe de poisson

Tasty fish soup with croûtons, gruyère, and spicy mayonnaise. Almost a meal in itself.

Tomates à la provençale

Halved tomatoes baked with bread crumb, parsley, and garlic filling.

Côtelettes carré d'agneau

Sisteron lamb chops / rack... tender, tasty, memorable.


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