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Practical Information : Travelling - how and where to go by bus | how to get there
on foot - with bicycle - by bus - by car - with rail and air travel - by coach
Buses in Aix en Provence

Bus services in town
Buses outside town
By coach to the "Riviera"



Route numbers and schedules are posted in bus shelters, detailed pamphlets are available at the Office du Tourisme and at the Gare Routière. Ask for a Bus Map Plan du Réseau > plaahn dy rehzoh < and a complete list of schedules, published in the Bus Guide, Guide Bus > gheed bys <.

Signal your presence to the driver as the bus approaches.

N.B. The Office du Tourisme is open Monday through Friday, from 10 am to 6 pm, and on Saturdays from 10 am to 12:30 pm.


 Ticket book     "Carnets" > karhneh <

(books of ten tickets) may be purchased at newsstands, bars’tabac, at the bus station, or you may pay on the bus as you embark. State your destination and have change ready :


Pass Provence - 1 voyage :

1 euro

Pass Provence - 10 voyage :

7 euros

Pass Provence - 3 days :

5 euros

Pass Provence - 1 month :

24 euros

Pass Provence - 1 years :

230 euros

Pass Provence for students - 1 years :

50 euros



Aix en bus

Consult the Office du Tourisme bus office

+33 442 263 728

Local bus services begin at 6:30 am and end circa 7:30 - 8 pm.



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