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Practical Information : Travelling - how and where to go by rail and by air | how to get there
on foot - with bicycle - by bus - by car - with rail and air travel - by coach
by train from Aix en Provence   by plane from Aix en Provence
By train
 le train >luh trahn<
  By Air
l'avion >avee-ohn<

Hints: station Gare > gahr <
 Railway / railroad /
chemin de fer > shuhmahn duh fehrh <

Schedules   horaires > horehrh <
available at the station  
gare SNCF
> la garh ess enn seh eff <

See the next train available :

Reservation SNCF :

TGV Mediterrannée :

Change at Marseille for Avignon / Lyon / Paris / Calais / Geneva / Cannes / Nice / Italy / Geneva / Spain, etc...

Book T.G.V. in advance either at station or at a travel agency for same price.

Tourist season and rail strikes tend to clash. This is no coincidence. Otherwise, train service is generally reliable and punctual.

Before you board the train insert your ticket in the automatic "ticket punch" known as le composteur , a vertical orange-coloured column at the entrance to the platform. Failure to composter > kohnposteh < can be expensive. Allow four + hours by TGV from Marseille to Paris, (compared with three by air, including the trip to and from airports).

Avoid, if possible, national Holidays, week-ends astride June-July July-August, and August-Sept; also July 14 and August 15 week-ends, when "the whole of France" is on the move.


 voyage par avion   
 >vwoiaszch pahrh avee-ohn<
Airport / L'Aéroport > <

Reservations, bookings, and ticket confirmation may be made at any authorised travel agency, or at the Air France agency : 2, rue Aude. To avoid waiting, plan to do this early in the day : 8:45 am - 9:00 am. Most agencies are open on Saturday mornings until noon.

Travel Agencies    agences de voyage
> aszchaahnss duh vwayaszch <
take care of your reservations at no extra cost. (see list below)

11, cours Sextius

tel. 04 42 26 21 26

5 bis, cours Sextius,

tel: 04 42 26 26 28

American Express,
11, cours Mirabeau

tel: 04 42 26 93 93

4, ave. des Belges

tel: 04 42 26 74 79

Council Travel,
12 rue Victor Leydet

tel: 04 42 38 58 82

Nouvelles Frontières,
52, cours Sextius

tel: 04 42 26 47 72

Cité Universitaire des Gazelles, AV Jules-Ferry

tel: 04 42 27 76 85

For complete listings see yellow pages
pages jaunes > pahszch szchohn < in the telephone book.


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